Walkin' into Fullness

{August 5, 2010}   Fresh Eats Cafe

I’m at my favorite cafe now. It’s a little place set up by the NGO – Homeland, and they seek to reach out to street kids and provide them with job training and to give them hope for their future.
It’s a lovely respite for me to be here. In the middle of the afternoon, coming down here to this cosy living room-like cafe to prepare for class and do quiet time… grabbing a fresh fruit shake – mango, coconut, jackfruit… for US$1, and getting some internet with the free wireless here. It heartens me to have cafe time.
I missed that so much in Montana because the base was too far from civilization from me (unless i have a car).
My Starbucks time back in Singapore… I’m getting a taste here now in Cambodia… mmmmm.


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