Final week of 1st Quarter… I can’t wait for Spring BREAK!!!

Oh my goodness… I can’t believe 20 days have just flown by like that since my last post. I can’t believe how hectic life is now, and I’m barely keeping on top of things. But the good news is.. this week is my last week of the first quarter! Hooray! I gotta survive this week though….

1 Final exam for Anatomy this Thur, 1 write-up on West Side Story musical to do (means I gotta watch it and research on it), 1 short write-up about my experience so far in SODS, a big concert coming up this Fri (I’m doing 5 dances!) so there’s rehearsals every day, and I gotta choreog a little dance for a Korean friend….I’m gonna heave a HUGE sign of relief when Friday ends. And I’ll reconnect with people back home again. Missing you all LOADS!!

Some random thoughts ….

I just participated in a ‘living’ art gallery today. We did our dance solos (composed it myself ^_^) for an hour in the student centre together with some musicians and artists doing their thing. I got to present some of my own artwork as well… so I did up some poems. I never dance non-stop for 1 hour before… it’s exhausting! But it was a good challenge to improvise with what is around you (I had a pool table and a couch and some fools ball tables… haha…) and to whatever the musican is playing. So instead of dancing in a conventional setting, we tried dancing in the laundry room, classroom and fireplace and snackbar (the latter two were my ‘territory’). It’s a new and refreshing concept. Bookmark!

I saw flowers for the first time this year… growing just outside my dorm… sweet yellow dandelions. Spring is definitely on her way. I can hardly wait. I have had quite enough of this butt-freezing, toe-nipping cold.

I’m going to Oregon, Portland, for my Spring break! Oh my… I can’t wait. I’ve heard about what an artsy town it is and I’m gonna go check out the art walks, the live music scene, and visit the zoo with my roommate, Crystal. Am praying and hoping for cheap accommodation or even friend’s friends to offer their homes…. ~cross fingers~.

I miss home lots… like SUPER, especially in the times when I got time to breathe and slow down, or I fall sick (like last week). But I know I must also treasure the short time I have here, and fulfil the purpose that I came here for. So yeah… motto now is Savor Today For Today.

Am still sick –  got a sore throat and body’s still not in optimal strength, but I’m drugging myself now to keep going. : ) The warrior in me is coming out!

The first few flowers of Spring ... I never quite noticed the beautiful details before.
This flower bud reminded me about something a lady at church prophesied over me a month ago.
This was the space I chose to do my solo in. It's part of experiencing site-specific art 🙂
Improvisation work between dancers and musicians
One of the artwork I contributed... I wrote this during a retreat with the Korat team in Dec last year.
Another angsty poem I wrote...

Soakin’ in classical music

I have a music theory test coming up on Friday, in which I have to listen to different classical music pieces and identify the different eras they are from – the medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary periods. Gonna have to listen to lots of Stravinsky, Bach and Beethoven the next few days. ACk~.
Maybe it’ll help me tune my ears! Make them more refined in taste 🙂
I am glad though, that we get to learn about music and how it is such an important partner to dance. I remember how I used to dream about getting songwriters and composers to make music for specific dance themes I have. It happened to a certain extent… but I need to dream more boldly and believe for more.

Off to bed now… it’s gonna be a looong week ahead. A solo composition to work on, knee injury research for anatomy and tests to study for.

Home sickness flows like a deep undercurrent… but I gotta bone up.

Sometimes you come across music that seemed to magically capture all the crap and emo-ness you feel in your heart but expresses them in such an eloquent way that you find cathartic release just by playing it over and over again. I found one such song 2 weeks ago. It’s no point really to dwell on negative emotions, but I guess sometimes we just need to let it out.

Half Life (Imogen Heap)