Walkin' into Fullness

Jan 2010
This is the story of a Singaporean gal who finds herself on an unlikely journey with God into the realm of the arts in a faraway place. The tale is set in the little county of Lakeside in Northwest Montana, at a Youth With A Mission base where many unique and diverse characters have made their homes.

Along with ten other teammates from eight different nations, she begins an eight month-long hike of dance, academic studies and community living in the School Of Dance Studies.

Mindsets will be challenged, bodies will be pushed to their limits, creativity will soar, hearts will find rest and freedom, and perhaps, just perhaps … fragmented dreams will finally be resurrected into reality.


peishan says:

Hey Ange,

i dont know how or why but this blog page just suddenly popped up on my explorer?! It’s as if God wanted me to read this and see how and what ya up to ! Amazin!

Am liking all the white i am seeing from your vid but must say ya still lookin a bit sleepy there for me – hope to see you jumpin and prancin around like a hamster like when you get all excited about somethin. I know i am here ! will share more in my next email to ya! Keep smilin

Love ya

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