Walkin' into Fullness

June 2010

CONSIDER THE LILIES (One of the pieces I choreographed with fellow students)

I celebrate the gift of dance with this piece.

June 2010


Another beloved guest choreographer’s offering! Do not try to carry the kingdom of God on your own… serving God in your own strength, but let the Kingdom of God carry YOU.

April 2010


The first proper duet I attempted. I actually love this piece, and muchos gratitude to Chelsea for conferring me the honor of performing it. I really miss doing dances like these…

28th February 2010


We had a guest choreographer, Lotte Haschke, from Germany who came last week. She led previous years of YWAM School of Dance and is doing her MSc now. We had modern classes almost everyday, and I learnt lots of new warm-up techniques! Will find some time to post them online soon. Here’s a choreography that we learnt in a week, and finished 20 minutes before we had to do a showing for everyone on base. I think it’ll get better with some polishing… hehe. Lotte got us to do a movement sequence where we traced our names with our bodies, and hence we got our little solos in this dance as well. It’s pretty neat learning composition techniques through this dance.

30th January 2010


A rehearsal of a piece we just learnt from our beloved Chelsea. We’ll probably be using this for outreach!


MIFA says:

Angie!! The dances look brilliant. I know Im viewing them uber late but am so glad I did. Am so happy for you, that your developing your talent like this. YAYNESS.
Love you, skype soon =)

angiels says:

Mifa!! Sweet to hear from you. šŸ™‚ I wanna post a duet for you soon… hehe.. don’t laugh when you see it k. It’s quite an emo piece… Get on skype sometime! would love to chat ^_^

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