My date with Jesus…

Ahhh.... Spring is here!!
Simple beauty sometimes come in tiny packages
Caught some lovely twits up in the tree
I love my spread and little cosy corner by the brook
Lovely little creek
There's something about mushrooms that never fails to delight me.
Almost naked dandelion... hehe

3 thoughts on “My date with Jesus…

  1. ANGIEE!!!

    I miss you so much!!! Looking at your pictures reminds me how you use to bring me along on this dates so that we can spend time with God outdoors!

    Hope you are doing well!!

    1. Rachel dahlin! It’s great to be reminded about how we used to hang out with God outdoors. I hope you’re getting so much more of that in Australia since the weather is lovely and there’s great nature there.
      Will you be back in SG this year?? Can’t wait to hang out with you to hear our yearly news and updates again. hehe

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